Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Engine Setup: 4AGE with HKS supercharger kit for AE86

Toyota 4AGE
  • 7 rib block, but without oil squirters
  • 16 valve big port head
  • Balanced stainless steel crank
  • Low compression pistons from supercharged 4AGZEs
  • 375cc injectors from 4AGZEs
  • HKS 2mm metal head gasket for compression ratio 8.0:1
  • HKS adjustable cam gears
  • HKS 272 intake & exhaust camshafts
  • HKS supercharger kit
  • Techno Toy Tuning 145mm diameter crank pulley for approximately 15psi boost
  • HKS extractors
Motec M4
  • sequential injection
  • wideband lambda control
  • data logging
Fuel map - 4AGE with HKS Supercharger

Ignition timing map - 4AGE with HKS Supercharger

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