Wednesday, 9 July 2014

4AGE Motec Engine Maps

Graphs of fuel and ignition maps for the 4AGE n/a tune which I had carried out way back.

Fuel map - load by RPM

Ignition advance map - load by M


  1. Hey man, love your ride...

    I recently purchased an hks super charger for the ae86 and had it imported from japan. I would love to pick your brain about this supercharger and the install if you have time. Basically, the three pronged air valve under the charger manifold towards the pulley, I blocked off completely. I know that it was originally on the TVIS manifold and was connected to the fuel regulator vacuum. Also, what is the plug in the back of the intake for next to the brake booster vacuum line. I thought it was meant for the hks fcon so i left it open. I am running megasquirt so i dont need the hks fcon. Any help would be appreciated man!

  2. Terry
    Some initial info:
    Like you, I am not using the HKS add-on controller. I did not even investigate the set-up.
    The three-pronged connector on the manifold I use for (1) manifold pressure reference for the fuel pressure regulator, (2) connecting to a 3 bar MAP sensor which sends a signal the motec as the Load value and (3) to connect a VDO boost guage on the dash, although this is entirely optional and can be blanked off.
    There is another connector into which I put an intake air temperature sensor which also signals the Motec.
    On the other side of the supercharger on the manifold which connect to the throttle body, there should be a temperature sensor. There is one on mine but I don't use it. It would not seem to make sense as the Supercharger puts so much heat into the intake air that one before the SC would be giving a pretty erroneous/misleading value. Just this week I had the setup in the dyno and the intake temp after the SC was reading over 100 degrees C with constant load at just 3000 RPM. (At that point we decided to go for water / methanol injection to cool the temps....)
    The kit originally uses an additional injector just after the throttle body to increase the fuel delivery, but I instead changed to 375cc injectors from the 4AGZE

  3. Thanks for replying...okay cool, I actually have a 4agze block, heads and injectors on the setup right now...So the temp sensor would be better off at the intake manifold between the charger and the head then? That would make sense to me...You are using a motec ECU? I havent really heard of those. Did you have to upgrade the fuel pump or was the stock one okay with those injectors? I get a good idle now but i need to switch out my AFR for an innovate LC-2 because the AEM AFR i got sucks with the megasquirt ECU...whenever i go full throttle the engine just leans out and dies... I am pretty sure this is just the fuel map but with the megasquirt I need the gauge to match the software and AEM is just terrible with the software I have...Where abouts do you live? just curious...its so hard to find ppl with a similar setup.