Monday, 4 August 2014

2011 IPRA Nationals Mallala - Repecharge

By the way, this is not my vehicle - just some great footage.

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  1. Hey man, love your ride...

    I recently purchased an hks super charger for the ae86 and had it imported from japan. I would love to pick your brain about this supercharger and the install if you have time. Basically, the three pronged air valve under the charger manifold towards the pulley, I blocked off completely. I know that it was originally on the TVIS manifold and was connected to the fuel regulator vacuum. Also, what is the plug in the back of the intake for next to the brake booster vacuum line. I thought it was meant for the hks fcon so i left it open. I am running megasquirt so i dont need the hks fcon. Any help would be appreciated man!